Friday, July 23, 2010

Kendrix' Death: The only drama portrayed by the Saban seasons?

We all know the death of the original Pink Galaxy Ranger, Kendrix, also featured one of the only very dramatic moments in PR history. The episode with the the Lost Galaxy and In Space rangers was very praised by both serious Power Rangers fans and Sentai fans alike.

However, could this be the only portrayal of PR maturity? The answer is no. There have been many signs of this kind of drama throughout the entire PR franchise, many seem to fail to realize even though not every glance is complete.

The beginning of Lost Galaxy was perhaps the first real moment of PR maturity compared to Sentai. It may have not been real, but Mike, the Magna Defender, had (supposedly) lost his life in falling off a cliff made by Furio. The fans wouldn't know about him living in the end, and neither did Leo, the Red Ranger, would have a clue until later on whether he survived or not.

Also, the beginning of Time Force is one of the perfect examples. Alex, the original Red Time Force Ranger, had nearly died trying to stop Ransik. Jen, the Pink Ranger, had nearly her heart broken and her determination of stopping Ransik had just burst into hatred. Plenty of PR fans would've felt the same way towards Alex's (supposed) death just as Kendrix had.

Sentai fanboys can whine about PR not having as much maturity and drama as Sentai, but a fan of both will see the truth behind the mask of Power Rangers.


  1. Well, death isn't the only kind of drama out there. Time Force was practically drama in itself. But yeah, Kendrix's death tends to stand out more.

  2. i know not many liked OO but Mack went through the same situation...

  3. I think the reason people cared more about Kendrix then mike is because A she was ranger before mike so she had more plot value back then, and 2: we knew kenrix for like 20 episodes before her death and we only knew mike for like 2.

  4. In TF Alex died, so more drama.