Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Power Rangers' Contribution to Super Sentai

Well true Power Rangers derived most of its ideas from Super Sentai but since both are under Toei license, it would be natural Power Rangers ended up contributing some things to Super Sentai as well. :-P

Shun Namiki/Mega Blue reminds me of Billy Cranston, the first genius blue ranger for Sentai. Others that followed would be Souta Megumi who is a less geeky version of Billy Cranston.

A green ranger-pink ranger pairing. Okay let's face it that Tommy as the green ranger in MMPR is an additional ranger and Kimberly is a regular member but this happened in Dekaranger. :-P

The battlizer in Power Rangers SPD was later used in the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie but it wasn't made that powerful.

Boukenger's Mr. Voice (despite being a computer program created by Leon Giordana's last known descendant the female Leona to help her in the operations) just keeps reminding me of Zordon of Power Rangers in a way like how he uses his "behold the monitor" to tell the Boukengers of the threat they are into and how he is connected with the mecha.

Jan/Geki Red being a red ranger who grew up in the jungle with a dark past is from Power Rangers Wild Force's Cole.

The Shinkenger-Kamen Rider Decade crossover may remind Power Rangers fans of the MMPR season two mini-series "A Friend in Need" which featured the introduction of the Masked Rider which sadly flopped.


  1. All of these points (except for the SPD battlizer one) could just as easily have been mere coincidences. It's been quite a while since MMPR came around, so it's natural that a few similarities exist.

  2. The Mr Voice example is the other way around... it would be the inspiration for Dr K in RPM, a girl disguised behind a computer screen. Difference is that K showed her true self early on, whereas Leona only revealed herself in the Boukenger finale.