Friday, July 16, 2010

Probably A Big Problem Comment on Youtube

MrCYCLOPSXMEN12330 with PLENTY of wrong spelling said:
you dont know shit about power ranger was the bomb, it pissed sentai 2000 times.If sentai were so great then it would be just as or more popular, you ask any kid senati thell give you a "what you talkkin about willis" look.The U.S. invented the idea about electronics and maufactured the first home comp.Japen made it better but you dont hear me pissing on there parade bitching like you!We just did the same thing and did it better so climb out of your ass and accept Power Rangers rules.

The thing is this kind of mentality is a big problem and this blog won't tolerate it. And yup the children of the U.S. don't know much about Sentai except that is if they grew up or something, or watched Japanese television. However such a comment above is so full of hate... and not to mention the American superiority mentality.

Pissed Sentai 2000x? I don't think so. Honestly speaking, Toei allowed Saban to create Power Rangers so they can penetrate the American market so why write such comments? I hope I'm doing a good job even if I like Sentai more.

And for one thing, Power Rangers has a multi-cultural team so why lash Japan? Even if Sentai's an all-Japanese team, however the team has been friendly to its half-breed members if there are any that appear. Also, I believe Saban's purpose of creating Power Rangers was to blend in East and West concepts. After all, the purpose of this blog is to stop the severity of both sides right? Besides, there were plenty of interracial romances in Power Rangers too.


  1. I will tell you one thing, Sean. There are a lot more little kids where that came from. Whether they be Sentai or PR fanboys, we'll never stop them.

    If we can all make blogs involving creating peace between the shows, we'll put an end to them soon.

  2. @DancingAlienDude- Children can be so troublesome and quarrelsome if you ask me especially with immaturity issues.

    I remembered fighting over with other children due to opinion issues, that is especially how I was made fun for being oriental, calling me a squatter and that the Americans were the most powerful and all.

    Besides, I just can't help but think how irk develops among such arguments when an Asian man/woman marries a white man/woman and have a happy life.

    Side comment: By the way, can you create links to other blogs too? Maybe that will help you gain traffic.