Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I prefer Power Rangers over Super Sentai

Go ahead. Scream at me for using a remastered MMPR image.

People think it's kind of a shocker that I prefer Power Rangers over Super Sentai, but I think Super Sentai is a better franchise, and I like Power Rangers more....if that makes any sense?

Super Sentai has higher quality of writing, characterization, believable performances by the casts, and a bigger budget. Not to mention a better handle on what entertaining action looks like. Above is an image of Bioman, which I think is probably one of the BEST series I have ever seen! Thank you Fantasy Leader! XD

Power Rangers, on the other hand, is my childhood. I grew up with it. It's the thing that has stayed with me since I started watching it back in '97, and from that point on it's played a large part of my life. The key to continuing success for Power Rangers is always present something new and inventive, even knowing that most of the material comes from Sentai. Without originality, Power Rangers would be known as nothing more than an "English version" of Super Sentai. And no matter how bad the season may be, there is always at least one original thing that wasn't seen in the original material. Like for example, MMPR is about overbearing teenagers living their teenage life while fighting off a evil alien witch and her minions, where as Zyuranger is about ancient warriors from the past defending the planet from their sworn enemy.

Wild Force was an exact replica of Gaoranger, but watered down a little bit, and bad acting. The only thing that was new was Master Org, I think? Another example is Lost Galaxy. The setting was way different from Gingaman, took place in a Space Colony called Terra Venture. As well as added the Megaship, DECA, and Alpha from the previous season.

There was a thriving fandom for Power Rangers long before there was one for Sentai and Toku itself, and I knew people for years based purely on debates about how Astronema was Andros' sister, or why Goldar suddenly became lame in Season 3. You can't override those memories.

No matter how good Sentai is, it will NEVER take the place Power Rangers holds in my heart. I'll probably never grow out of Power Rangers, but I know for sure that I won't ever leave it for Super Sentai. I think both should just be enjoyed on their own merits.

One thing I do like about Sentai is how they let their heroes be their own comic relief. Even someone who's as much of a steadfast adventurer as BoukenRed has his silly side. It used to be with Power Rangers that they'd have the villains played for laughs or comic relief supporting characters like Bulk and Skull while the Rangers took themselves very seriously. The show's gotten better about that though.

These last few series of Sentai have been a let down for me. Last strong Sentai that I thought was really good was Gekiranger. Go-Onger was good, but RPM is amazing. Had a stronger plot, better characters, and a good tone, especially for a Disney season. Shinkenger is claimed as the best, it had a good start I'll admit, but I think it's greatly overrated...the story is too bland for me and episodes were boring. And Goseiger, like Shinkenger, the plot is bland for me. Had a good start until they started bringing in mecha that is really unnecessary and annoying. There's a plot for at least every mecha they introduce. There are a few good episodes here and there, but it's still not all that good. I'm hoping Saban won't let me down with Season 18, what I'm really looking forward to.


  1. I don't agree that Shinkengers' episodes and plot is bland and boring. I think Shinkenger has many heartwarming moments and overall, is one of the most heartwarming Sentai series ever produced. Thats not to say its perfect, because its not.

  2. Concerning Sentai with a bigger budget, well... the special effects in Super Sentai are usually just as comical as Power Rangers.