Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Peek at Power Rangers 2011

The cast for Power Rangers 2011 are as follows:

Alex Heartman as Reese
Najee De Tiege as Baron
Hector David Jr. as Parry
Erika Fong as Sadie
Brittany Pirtle as Ava
Steven Skyler as Wesley

I don't know yet what it will be called but by the looks of this, can understand why the red ranger is still white- because of the target audience. The pink ranger's the only Asian? Hmmm I wonder what's really going on or what the story line is? So far, I think these are new ones. However I hope the script is well-written otherwise it may make the comeback bad. I just kind of wonder if an Asian will act as their sensei because it's been in some where an Asian guy trains white men in fighting. Could it be the case of the red ranger with the script? We'll just find out soon. I sense much of a "Forbibben Kingdom" style theme here.


  1. Sure, the Pink Ranger might be the only ranger. But she can't be the only one you're focusing on this year? lol

  2. I honestly think you're over-obsessed with having an Asian Power Rangers. No offense, Sean, but please get over it.

    If Saban doesn't want another Asian role for this year, we need to respect that. Even if Shinkenger happens to be a Japanese-based Sentai, he may not want a Sensei for this season.

  3. @DancingAlienDude- Anyway I was thinking though that Reese's character may be inspired by that Forbidden Kingdom movie. Just watch that movie if you haven't to know what I'm talking about.

  4. Actually, there are two asians. The Gold Ranger, Steven Skyler, is half Thai and half German. Also, you do have to remember that only 5% of the American population is Asian.

  5. Good looking cast. But remember that it's not about what they look like, it's what they bring to the table.

  6. @DancingAlienDude- I was expecting to see an Asian red ranger, alas none. Oh well... I think I'll just have to look at Reese as a white guy interested in the Asian arts, if that's what his role will really be.

  7. Ah!!! The yellow ranger "Ava" is 1/4 Filipina

  8. which date till the new one arrives

  9. 2 RANGERS ARE BLACK..2!!!!!!!!! -not to be racist because im not, im just saying 2 out of 5 rangers are black!!!

  10. i think the us version of goseiger will be better,if it will be space themed.i can't wait for the pr 2012 news.

    back to samurai-
    i wish this season will have team up with rpm,i miss those pr days where there used to be team up with previous seasons.Disney just did with 2 of their seasons,why would a world's largest entertainment company not have money to,rehire actors for just 1 or 2 episode/s and actors from NZ are cheap to hire,did not Saban just hire the current actors under 800$s each.