Monday, August 23, 2010

An Extended Thought on Reese for Power Rangers 2011

Looking at him, I'm sensing some of those moments in American films where an American guy gets interested with the world of martial arts and learns it's a HARD road but not impossible as he travels life's journey.

How am I seeing this? I think he may just be the opposite to Takeru in some ways. Maybe he'll be a more sociable, less aloof guy for the series. Maybe, he'll also be somebody who may end up being a fan of martial arts films before he becomes the red ranger. Looking at the symbol of fire, he may be a hot character but maybe not as fiery as Takeru.

Getting an Asian red ranger may actually cause Power Rangers to jump the shark. Maybe not. However I'm having a feeling Haim Saban may have spent some time watching films like American Ninja or Last Samurai, or any related movie where a white guy gets immersed into martial arts or any East meets West themed films. I think Reese will be an East meets West guy, maybe somebody who never expected himself to be the leader of the group. :-P

Or what if he's half-Asian? Hmmm... some Asian-Americans I've met look too American too.


  1. It could be possible he's half-asian. Lots of people (either Japanese or American) when just looking at me, couldn't figure out what my ethnicity is (I'm half Japanese and half American). xD

    Haha, the weird thing, I share the same exact name as Reese's actor. Coincidence? And yeah, my real name is Alex. :P

    Anyway, it's possible that Reese's character might be the exact same as Takeru, depending on how faithful the adaptation will be to Shinkenger (especially with Tzachor in charge, unless he's changed).

    I don't think getting an Asian Red Ranger would jump the shark. Ethnicity really shouldn't be the cause of any of that. If it did, then man, this fandom sure has lots of problems.

    I'm also not entirely sure if race will even have anything to do with the series like you keep mentioning. It might, which can be interesting. Kind of like Dino Thunder's Lost in Translation. But it could always turn out to be suttle like a faithful Shinkenger adaptation, or Ninja Storm.

  2. @Fantasy Leader-

    With being half-Asian, I know somebody who's half-Chinese and half-American. However with her looks, she appears to be VERY AMERICAN. I never knew her mother was Chinese until she opened it up that she's half-Chinese.

    On the other hand, do you know the late Brandon Lee? He was more obvious to be half-Chinese, half-American. Some Hong Kong celebrities like Maggie Quigley and Isabella Leong share the looks of East and West. Hey I'm a big fan of these people!

    As for Reese, well, I think he might be different from Takeru. Hopefully he will be.

    I just thought though, why can't there be another Asian yellow ranger for Power Rangers?! Maybe Trini is irreplaceable. :-(

  3. I doubt his racial background is gonna be important, at all

    And Haim Saban has nothing to do with the writing and developing characters, STOP TALKING LIKE HE DOES

  4. Hey Anon chill out. If you're not happy with something Sean wrote than you can say so in a less harsh way.

  5. Based on the casting sides that I have read, he might be a clone of Takeru... not surprised considering that Jonathan is in charge in production! Hope he decides and his writing crew to spice up good ol' Takeru or just have Chip write something for PR 2011.

  6. In the rude way it sounds, Anonymous is right. His racial background probably won't be important to the show.

    Why there isn't another Asian Yellow Ranger? So we won't have the controversy like when Trini was Yellow Ranger.