Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So....I'm the new admin for this blog.

So.....yeah. This is KingdomRider, and I'm the new admin taking DancingAlienDude's place for this blog. I didn't really want this, but I'm gonna try to make something out of it. I'm most likely not going to be posting a lot like Fantasy Leader and Sean do. But I'll try my best to do a post every once in a while.

Erm...I guess I should explain about myself now? Well, uhh, I'm obviously a fan of Power Rangers. I've been a fan since 1997, the first season I watched being Turbo. I got into Sentai about 2005, and still watching. Sentai is good, but I like Power Rangers more. Hope that won't be a problem for anyone! ^_^

Over the next few days, expect to see some changes to this site. Changes as in, the design. Nothing major. The design right now is only temporary until I figure out which design suits this blog. I designed a new header for the blog, as seen above. But yeah, I hope this works out as much as I want it to be. And I hope Sean and Fantasy Leader will be by my side to help any means necessary! =D

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