Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Thoughts on How Power Rangers 2011's Rangers Will Be

By looking at the fact that the red ranger is well... still American gives me the feeling that Haim Saban's new season may be inspired by the films "Forbidden Kingdom" and "The Monkey King" where an American guy gets involved in martial arts. So here's what I'm thinking will happen with some of the characters when they make their debut:

Reese- A white guy interested in Asian martial arts and gets it when he becomes the red ranger. I think he'll most likely be an enthusiast who learns the road ahead is not an easy one. Okay I'm a little disappointed in this but still, I think he'll do a good job. I wonder if he'll be a little like Jason in the movie "The Forbidden Kingdom" in terms of personality? I even have a feeling he might get pretty impatient at first until he realizes patience is necessary in learning martial arts.

Parry- Well maybe somebody who's not very enthusiastic with his duties.

Baron- I think he'll be the cool character because of the color blue. Nothing more.

Sadie- She may display plenty of positive Asian values. Since she is the Asian member, so I think she'll have some interesting back story. I kind of think about the typical Asian-American romance may be in for her. Maybe not. Hee hee.

Ava- I think she'll be a westernized version of her Shinkenger counterpart Kotoha. Honestly I wish she were the Asian one. :-P

Wesley- I think he'll be a little less funny than Genta and more organized as a fighter when he arrives.


  1. I can't say it will be too much like the Forbidden Kingdom style. Shinkenger didn't take place back in Ancient Japan, it took place today. Perhaps we can expect something more like Wild Force, where the red ranger had become the big man of the team.

  2. @DancingalienDude- Okay maybe you don't get what I mean. Why I'm thinking of Forbidden Kingdom is even if it didn't take place in ancient Japan but it's all about a white guy getting immersed into martial arts. Or maybe that should be Kill Bill or perhaps American Ninja. Hee hee.

  3. I honestly think that the ethnicities should have been the ones used in power rangers sword dynasty.