Monday, August 9, 2010

KingdomRider's list of underrated Power Rangers seasons

DancingAlienDude did a similar post, I agree with Lightspeed and SPD he covered, but I felt that there are more than just those seasons that are underrated.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Surprised by this one, aren't you? I certainly am. I've underrated this season before, only because it focused on Nick too much. But I looked over the first ten episodes again and, it's okay. The plot and story for this season is a little more difficult to understand then previous seasons. One of the main reasons why this season is underrated because it's a Disney season and 'butchered' Magiranger, as fans like to put it. I think one of the reasons why Mystic Force is underrated because this season is a little difficult to understand because past Power Rangers seasons have been simple. You understood the story right from the beginning. Even Operation Overdrive was fairly simple to understand. This story has to be one of the most defined and also one of the most fun, especially if you are a fan of fantasy shows. I think one of the things that distinguishes this season from past seasons is that it is not really the most action filled season out of all of them. Mystic Force is very much based on mostly story.

One of the issues with this season is that the acting is really not that good. Firass Dirani, Nic Sampson, Melanie Vallejo, Angie Diaz, and Richard Brancatisano who play the main rangers are not really that talented in the acting department. They do have some moments of good acting especially in the season finale "Mystic Fate" but most of it is just hard to watch. Another issue is the Red Ranger focus. There was just too much revolving around Nick and for me, I didn't like it. But I learned that it doesn't bother me as much as it did before.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

When I first heard about Ninja Storm I was very excited. I thought it would be dark, mysterious with action packed fight scenes. However when I started watching it i soon found that this wasn't the case. PRNS was too comical for my liking back then, the villains were to slapstick comedy funny and the rangers themselves seemed too laid back all the time, that's why it's underrated. Looking at Ninja Storm now, it's pretty good, actually. Because if you're a fan of MMPR or happen to like MMPR, you'll like this too. A villain with strong cynical intentions like Lord Zedd would have been great in this though.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Lost Galaxy is probably one of the most underrated PR series due to it just coming off of Space and starting the standalone series. Despite plot holes it continued some stuff In Space started: teamups with past alumni, sympathetic villains, and the grand feeling of a space adventure. Sure it may not have that end all feeling that Space had, and no matter how many plot holes this season had, I LOVE this season. One of my favorites and made me continue watching the show today. I think there are a lot of reasons, but a big one would have to be Trakeena, who's pretty much my favorite non-MMPR villain. I was honestly kind of sad when she took a nosedive into crazyville; it's hard to imagine that she went from being a fairly background sort of villain to getting so good at swordplay that she could take down two monsters at once.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Surprised by this one too? I'm not. Because this is probably the best and my favorite season Kalish produced. Main reason why it's usually underreated is because it's a Disney season and 'butchered' Gekiranger. The writers strike is one reason why this season is underrated, there were a few episodes that just didn't seem to move things along, or tried to hard on the message. There was a rumor that Chip came back and wrote a few episodes, which makes the season a little more enjoyable. But the season was a success for me. In a few ways, it almost seemed to pay tribute to the old days of Power Rangers, with RJ inventing weapons or working on them, and the Rangers actually having to train and master skills before getting new levels or gear. The grouped story arcs played out very good. The Jarrod and Dai Shi conflict was handled well. I enjoyed that. All the characters were very relatable, and at times I found myself being just as interested in Jarrod and Camille as I was the Rangers. The season isn't bad, it's just people are biased.

So the next time you see a Power Rangers season that you think 'butchered' Sentai, don't complain about it, or how it doesn't work because of such and such a reason. Enjoy PR for what it's own show with a very interesting over arcing tied story.


  1. Mystic Force: I personally don't view this one as underrated, and still just bad. The story is a bit complex, but it's mostly just Magiranger with a few stuff added here and there. Which is okay, but the terrible acting greatly weighed it down. As for Red Ranger focus, I don't think that's bad at all. It can be done right. And I've seen it done right. But for Mystic Force, it wasn't very good. My main complaint is because the other four rangers were just getting in the way of the story imo. Plus, I thought Nick wasn't a very good character. So overall, Mystic Force has some good eps here and there, but it's still just a below average season imo.

    Ninja Storm: I admit. I used to really dislike this season. I hated how it totally tore Hurricaneger apart. But I did realize how it didn't necessarily tear it apart. It was just trying to go all out, go crazy, and have fun! I think Ninja Storm is a fine season now. Definitely way better than Wild Force. And it was a good way to lead up to Dino Thunder. Ninja Storm was basically the American Carranger. As we know, Power Rangers is usually more serious, while Sentai is more comedic. I guess PR fans just weren't used to seeing PR go all comedic. People really need to laugh more. It's good for you. :P

    Lost Galaxy: I guess to an extent this season is underrated. But it does have a healthy dose of fans. :)

    Jungle Fury: Yeah, most people say SPD is the best Kalish season. But I disagree. I think Jungle Fury is the best. Yes, SPD is better at the beginning, but then it completely falls apart below Jungle Fury's quality. Jungle Fury at least stays consistent, and is able to at least be quite fun. Dai Shi is also one of the best PR villains imo. Kalish definitely did his research. Though being the best of the Kalish seasons, I still think this season is still quite average. The characters were just okay imo (though Dominic was unlikable). I'd still much rather watch Gekiranger, but I will respect the effort that was put into Jungle Fury. The Spirit Rangers were a nice touch.

    Btw, DancingAlienDude, I thought about it, and I'm not entirely sure if I really want to be a potential candidate to run this blog.

  2. I don't remember Magiranger much because I couldn't get into it, so I don't know if Mystic Force did copy some story elements for the show. Either way, I'm rewatching it at the moment and it's okay.

    I agree with you. Gekiranger is one of my favorite Sentai seasons. Jungle Fury is a good season, but compared to Gekiranger, it doesn't even up good. I thought Gekiranger had better characters.

    I doubt DancingAlienDude sees our comments anymore. But yeah, if you're reading this, I'm not sure if I want to run this blog either. Not that I don't want it, just I don't think I'm good enough. Plus I have my own blog to worry about.

  3. I think Lost Galaxy is on par with its popularity. I would rate it as a good, but middle of the road season by Power Rangers standards.

  4. It's good, it's just it has so many plot holes and the first few episodes (including the ones with the Magna Defender) are a terrible duplicate of some of Gingaman's episodes. I think the show picks up once Mike becomes the Magna Defender. But it definitely ranks up at one of my personal favorites.

  5. lol don't worry guys I'm still alive.

    Onto the subject, I agree with your points on Ninja Storm and Jungle Fury the most. It's quite obvious PR doesn't have to be dark, but then again the Kalish seasons were meant to have more appeal on little kids who love the show.

  6. i have watch jungle fury recently ,i think pretty fun to watch unlike gekiranger that the villain rio that jarrod was able to stand up fight with the ranger again dai shi he almost sacrifice to destroy dai shi it will never in gekiranger rio will never sacrifing himself to destroy because his to arrogant

  7. kooooooooooooooooooe

  8. Ninja storm was awesome. People or the kids that watched the show liked how it connected with the watcher's, making the show part of our childhood. All im trying to say is that Ninja storm was one of the best seasons.